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logo_nuovo_orizz_600X199.png AZIENDA AGRICOLA LINARDI di Maria Concetta Linardi
C.so della Libertà 80 - 87040 Castiglione Cosentino CS
Telefono: 0984.1571237 - 340.9437867 - 340.5281126

Our company

We are women. We are sisters. We are Calabrese. And this is our passion: farming our land, preserving the nature and biodiversity of our territories. We call it handcrafts - in the very sense of the word - because our product is the fruit of a working process entirely carried out with our own hands.

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Why Saffron

The choice to cultivate saffron is not random but the conscious decision to bring back to life a product that was anciently planted in the Cosentino territory even though with the course of time the traditional knowledge about its agriculture had nearly been faded.
In the Sila mountains it is not difficult to come across the wild saffron species, evidence that our territory is morphologically suitable for an agriculture of the so called “red gold”.
The saffron production requires time and dedication, considering also the fragility of the flower and the pistils that inhibit the mechanization of the working phases. It’s therefore totally eco-sustainable and has no negative impact on the environment.
This is our philosophy of agriculture.
Our “Zafferano del Re” has a tight connection with the history of the city of Cosenza. The king (“re”) whose memories are awakened is King Alaric with his famous treasure which for us is represented by our “red gold”.

How we produce it

Our priority is to guarantee our clients the highest quality, our cultivation methods of modern agronomic techniques are blended with old knowledge of the local farming tradition and therefore safeguard the sustainability of what we do.
The decision to create a family business puts the emphasis on diligence and accuracy in every step of the working process.
We would like to give our clients more than a quality product, to donate also emotions. That is why we like to enjoy our work.

Where we produce it

Our land is located in the area of Castiglione Cosentino near Cosenza at a height of 400 m.a.s.l. that is suitable for the saffron cultivation.
Also our working space where we dry and pack the products is located in Castiglione Cosentino. It has been our intention to create this space in the historic centre of the town because we want to revitalize the life in the village of our territory.

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